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iPhone 6 & Macbook

How To (And Why You Should) Jailbreak Your iPhone or iPad


Jailbreaking your iOS device opens the door to possibilities that just aren’t available by default. Apple runs a pretty tight ship, and because of the closed ecosystem, the customization options afforded to Android device users just aren’t there with Apple products. Of course, some would argue this leads to a...

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18 Cydia Apps you need to Download Today


Last week, I showed you how to jailbreak your iPhone in ten relatively easy steps. Since I essentially got you started and left you hanging, I’ve gone ahead and compiled the follow-up. Below you will find a list of 18 of my favorite apps found on Cydia. Remember, while some...


How to Turn your iPhone into a WiFi Hotspot (how to)


(Updated 1/26/2015) Knowing that they were missing out on yet another way to nickel and dime their customers, AT&T worked with Apple and added a hotspot feature in iOS 4.3 and above, the result is that iPhone 4 and above users can turn their iPhone into a wireless hotspot with yet...