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Garmin’s Varia Tracks Approaching Vehicles for Cyclists


Garmin has a long history of supplying GPS and traffic tech, but the Varia is something very unique, even for this company: A radar sensor that specializes in detecting vehicles that are approaching from behind. The Varia Rearview Radar is a cycling radar, which means that it’s designed for your...


Visiobike Is A Modern Bike That Uses Your iPhone


Pretty much anything can attach to your iPhone these days. Still, it takes something unique to create a bike that’s a rolling iPhone dock, among other purposes. But that’s the design of the Visiobike, an attempt to reimagine how we get around on wheels. Rolling, Rolling, Rolling The bike itself...


Vier Adds Some Extra Protection To Your Bike


Cable locks for bikes have been around for ages, but some believe that they cannot provide definite protection against theft, as people have found easy ways to get rid of it. Due to this factor, Allen and Paige Young have created Vier bike lock which aims to take security to...


RIDEYE Is A Black Box Camera For Your Bike


Cyclists know how dangerous each ride can be. There are a lot of close calls with cars and pedestrians, especially if you ride in the city. The new Kickstarter campaign for RIDEYE is a black box camera that mounts on your bike and allows cyclists to feel safer while out...

Smart helmet

LifeBEAM’s SMART Cycling Helmet


LifeBEAM’s new SMART cycling helmet is integrated with a heart rate sensor, allowing real-time, accurate and hassle-free heart rate monitoring for when you’re busy concentrating on your cycling. No chest straps required with this helmet that allows you to entirely focus on your riding instead of your vitals. It is...