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Shoe Speaker

Nike Air Force 1 Speaker System Runs On Ingenuity


Looking to get a little more sole out of your music? Sorry, but we couldn’t but help the pun.  These speakers are in fact a pair of Nike Air Force 1 sneakers that have been modded by custom sneaker maker Nashmoney for the Inspired Ingenuity creative competition.  They’ve been outfitted with...

daft punk helmet

Guy Makes Custom Daft Punk Helmet In 17 Months (video)


Daft Punk are certainly a geek-approved music act. They’re in the Star Wars Cantina in commercials, and also in the upcoming Tron: Legacy. So it makes sense that some guy took 17 months to make his own version of their helmets, and documented the whole process in a video. It’s...


This Custom Lego Wall-E Robot Transforms (video)


Pretty much everybody loved Wall-E, the cute waste disposal robot, when he first appeared in his eponymous movie a couple years. Which is why I find this custom Wall-E robot so charming, because it’s so similar to the character using just LEGOs. It was programmed using Lego’s Mindstorm Software, and...


Making Sure Your EarBuds Fit Via YurBuds


Many people live with discomfort.  Many people wear shitty earphones that don’t fit.  YurBuds are out to change that.  Their not saying ditch your crappy earphones, but instead send them pictures of your ears and they’ll make you a pair of custom adapters to fit over your poorly designed white...