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Blackberry Curve 3G Tmob

T-Mobile Launching Blackberry Curve 3G On September 8th


Far from the world’s most exciting news, T-Mobile confirmed today that they’ll launch the Blackberry Curve 3G on their network come September 8th.  Cost will be a mere $80, provided of course you’re willing to sign a 2-year contract.  Aside from 3G connectivity expect WiFi, a 2 megapixel camera and...


Gadget Leak: Blackberry Gemini


Fresh on the heals of the rumor that the ‘Niagra’ will now be called the ‘Tour’, the folks at have scored a pic of its brethren, the ‘Gemini’.  But, unlike the Tour, the Gemini (aka Curve 8520) seems to feature a more updated hardware set, and by that I...