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Nintendo Cufflinks

Video Game Cufflinks Look Real Enough to Play


I thought I had seen it all…when it comes to cufflinks.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Etsy seller Bazinga Jewerly sells a variety of cufflinks that are crafted in the vein of video game controllers.  This includes the Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, Xbox 360, Playstation, and the console that...

Bullet Cufflinks

9mm Bullet Cufflinks Are Shotgun Wedding Certified


There are no shortage of inventive cufflinks.  Some of the best I’ve seen are of the Star Wars ilk, but those are excessively expensive and might draw so much appeal due to their nostalgic quality.  Rising to the top of my list, assuming I was going to a “shotgun wedding”,...

LEGO Cufflinks

LEGO Star Wars Shadow Trooper In Black Tuxedo Silver Cufflinks

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It’s not often you wear cufflinks, but when you do you want to make a statement, right?  And we can’t imagine a better suitor then these LEGO Star Wars Shadow Trooper In Black Tuxedo Silver Cufflinks from Etsy seller GenXBoutique. Unfortunately,we don’t know how they’re made, but we gotta assume that the...

snowtrooper cufflinks

Snowtrooper Star Wars Cufflinks


Snowtrooper Star Wars cufflinks, need we say more?  Slips77 has them on sale at their Etsy store for $35.  However, shipping will cost you $4.50, unless of course you reside in Norway, where shipping is just $3. Read...

Flash Drive Cufflinks

FLash Drive Cufflinks


Father’s Day is just around the corner so there is good reason to splurge on these Flash Drive Cufflinks.  Yes, they cost $195 but each cufflink stores up to 2GB of data and can be engraved to your liking.  I gotta question the added weight to one’s cuffs, but what’s...


Smoke Em’ If You Flaunt Em': CuffLink Mini-Lighters


These currently sold out Cufflink Lighters will say more about you than you ever imagined.  At $40 for the pair, the product page claims that these are real working mini-lighters that were dispensed in gumball machines over 50 years ago.  Huh? What else can be said about these cufflinks that’s...


GameBoy Advance CuffLinks To Change World…


Or at least make fanboy's have to change their pants. Not much to note about these awesome accessories, except that they are limited edition and come with a mini copy of a Super Mario Brothers game cartridge. Shouldn't there be two? Now if only fanboys could...