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Long Live The Crunchpad…In Our Dreams


Well, that’s it.  The Crunchpad is dead.  And after reading Michael Arrington’s post regarding the matter I’m saddened, really saddened by the turn of events (that is according to him).  Apparently Fusion Garage (the company building the Crunchpad) and its shareholders have decided to boot Arrington and co from the...


Final Prototype Crunchpad Unveiled (video)

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I was just wondering what happened to the once fabled then leaked Crunchpad, when low and behold Arrington and crew go and announce a final design for the device. Unfortunately, these are just conceptual drawings, but they say they’ll show off a working prototype in a few weeks.  Taking one...


Gadget Leak: Crunchpad 12-inch Tablet Pictures

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We first heard about the Crunchpad January 2009.  Now, and ironically, the company that is known for getting the scoop has been scooped.  Last night a handful of pictures detailing the latest iteration of the Crunchpad were leaked to the blogosphere.  Soon after Crunchgear, the gadget arm of Techcrunch conceded...