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Cowon’s J3 MP3 Player Gets Official


Remember Cowon’s J3 MP3 player that we told you about a few weeks ago?  Well, at the time the details, which were few and far between, came by way of a design award’s website.  But today the company finally got official with the PMP. So what can we expect?  A...

Cowon J3

J3 Is Cowon’s Next MP3 Player, Finished In Brushed Metal


PMPs are all the rage these days, bringing music, pictures, and videos to your pocket for those long train rides and various other kinds of downtime. Cowon’s new J3 PMP player hopes to bring that experience to you in a cool-looking device, promising a 3.3. inch AMOLED touchscreen (with a...


Cowon Makes 02 PMP Pricing And EU Release Date Official


Cowon unveiled the pricing and release date for their 02 media player today (I know, I know, it’s now S9).  The 02, which sports a 4.3-inch (480×272) touchscreen, T-DMB TV tuner, 8, 16 and 32GB of storage will start at €289.99, or $400.  You can quadruple it’s storage capacity by...


Cowon S9 Curve Whets My PMP Appetite


I like ogling beautiful things, and the Cowon S9 Curve is right up there with my favorite centerfolds and Apple products. This slick little PMP sports a 3.3-inch touch screen (480 x 272) with 16 million colors, 8-16GB of storage, 500-Mhz dual-core CPU, T-DMB tuner, Bluetooth, FM radio, TV-out, accelerometer...