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Lean Muscle Suit Gets You Ripped With No Effort


We all want to become thinner, stronger and more attractive with absolutely zero effort. Five minutes on the Internet, looking at ads promoting that one weird trick to lose five pounds of belly fat, will tell you that. But some solutions are lazier than others, and this lean muscle suit...


Godzilla Hoodie Lets You Dream Of Stomping


For all of us, there has been at least one moment where we want to be Godzilla. Maybe it’s a moment when you’re frustrated in traffic. Perhaps it’s a moment when you wish they’d just tear down that eyesore of a building already. But we’ve all wanted to be the...


New Officially Licensed The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Products


  The second film in the highly anticipated The Hobbit trilogy hits theaters December 13th and it’s just been announced that Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP) has teamed up with their roster of global licensees to release various offerings inspired by the second film of The Hobbit Trilogy, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Directed...


Come Together With The Voltron Hoodie


If there’s an article of clothing that’s quietly become a uniform for the modern era, it’s the humble hoodie. They are apparently the item of choice for everyone from women having their period, if ads are to be believed, to tech giants. And now, the hoodie has finally become better…...

Real-Life-Ironman-Suit (1)

10 Movie Worthy Homemade Iron Man Suits (list)

Iron Man 3 is now playing in theaters and is one of the highest grossing movies thanks to the millions of movie goers and fans going to check out the action flick this past weekend. To commemorate the summer blockbuster’s success, here are a couple of awesome homemade Iron Man...

Star Wars Costumes 2011

23 Top Star Wars Costumes (list)


Halloween is next week, and we’ve compiled a bunch of Star Wars costumes to inspire all you die-hard fans or those just looking to be something different this year. We’ve found some child ones, a couple of pet costumes and loads of funny, sexy and downright original Star Wars ensembles....

Ultimate Chewbacca Costume

Top 10 Star Wars Halloween Costumes (video)


Nothing says Halloween like a Star Wars costume.  Old or young and you’ll know what it is and if you chose wisely you’ll be the admiration of every party.  So without further ado here is our list of Top 10 Star Wars Costumes. 10.  Chewbacca Collector’s Edition Adult Costume Unless your...

Pet Star Wars Costume

Are You Freaking Serious: Pet Star Wars Costumes


Stop!  Seriously, this needs to end.  Or does it?  No it does.  Yes, the Pet Star Wars Costumes are beyond adorable, but Halloween isn’t for another 3 months. What’s the story ThinkGeek?  Each one costs $16, are available in 4 sizes and you can choose from Yoda, Leia or Darth...

Ultra Real “Handsome Guy” Mask

Ultra Real “Handsome Guy” Mask


[GR]srcN8Ctvvs8[/GR] SPFXMasks’ are unbelievably real.  In fact, they’re so real that they’ve been used in robberies, at least according to BoingBoing.  This is the “Handsome Guy” mask and putting aside the overly large head size, which is needed to fit a real human head, the attention to detail is amazing. ...