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MechWarrior Costume

The Best MechWarrior Halloween Costume Ever! (video)


Halloween may have already passed, but we can’t get over how awesome this father-son MechWarrior costume was! As a once popular computer game, we totally get why the dad would want to spend so much time handcrafting is Halloween 2014 costume that was perfect for his son, too! Planned For Years The...

Daft Punk Costume

Pretend Your You’re Daft Punk With This Complete Costume


Daft Punk’s fame is bigger than ever right now, especially since they released their hot single “Get Lucky” from their latest album “Random Access Memories.” Now you can dress like dance music’s biggest duo with your own Daft Punk Thomas Helmet Costume that’s being sold on Etsy. After getting great...

Bane Mask

The Dark Knight Rises Bane Mask


Who will you be this Halloween?  Just a wild guess, but something tells us you’re considering a costume inspired from the film “The Dark Knight Rises.”  Batman, while always badass, is a bit played out.  The alternative, Bane. So the reviews are a bit mixed, but this Bane mask, which...

Senior Mask-4

Ultra Real “Senior” Mask


Robbing a bank takes not only a massive set of cojones, but a damn good disguise to trick the cops into thinking you’re someone your not.  Case in point, a few years ago Conrad Zdzierak, a white male, got his hands on the the The Player, a mask from SPFX Masks...