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This Guy’s Treehouse Has A Killer Bicycle Elevator

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So you’re an adult building a treehouse, about thirty feet up in the air, and you’re getting a little tired of climbing a ladder. And who can blame you? So, to make his life easier, and win the approval of the Internet, one treehouse builder, Ethan Schlussler of Sandpoint, Idaho,...


Little Horn Speakers Are Antique Looking Speakers With Modern Sound

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Its weird to think that recorded sound isn’t, in the grand scheme of time, a very old invention. It’s fun to look back at the relatively brief history of recording, including gramophones that were popular in the early 20th century. To that end, Specimen Product’s Little Horn Speakers produce modern...


Brando LED Message Banner Helps You Get Your Point Across


I love stuff like this!  This 13 inch message banner lets you program up to 6 phrases in BMP or dot matrix patterns.  The patterns call also be rotated independently through the access controls on the side of the banner (see pic). All USB, the banner charges and inputs text...


Nooka Asset Organizer Wallet Doubles As A Chew Toy


I always like posts about weird and unconventional wallets.  This is definitely one of those.  I heard a tip somewhere that if you wrap a rubber band around your wallet that it’s less likely to fall out of your pocket.  Taking a hint from that age old proverb, the Asset...


Gadget Design: Outlet Regulator “Leech Plug”


Coming to us from RISD student Conor Klein, the Leech Plug is a standout innovation in terms of design towards energy conservation.  While common sense would dictate how the Leech Plug would work I’ll break it down anyway. Using a timer circuit along with electromechanics, the plug itself will eject...


Porthole Flask For Seaside Sippin’


All rusty barnacles aside, this porthole flask has some seriously swilly good looks.  Made from stainless steel and glass, this screw top flask will effectively store 4 ounces of your liquor of choice.  4 ounces is a bit small for my blackout thirsts, but I would definitely brandish one of...


Sega Toys HomeStar Aqua Planetarium


Have you ever want to just zone out with the stars when taking a steamy bath?  Sega Toys HomeStar Aqua Planetarium will provide just that.  This waterproof little planetarium will project thousands of your favorites stars in a circular pattern on your bathroom ceiling. The LED lighting system runs off...


PaperClip Lamp


The paperclip is one of those timeless inventions I think of when I’m having a not so smart day.  Now morphed into another invention, the PaperClip Lamp looks like your everyday giant sized paperclip, but it is also a fun LED desktop lamp. No word on the true reality of...