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Relay Puts Your Entire Home At The Command Of One Console


It’s been a dream for a lot of nerds to have a home that’s just like the Enterprise, in that it flies through space at reality-distorting speeds and comes with high-powered weapons to fire at anybody that annoys us. But, failing that, we’ll take a home with a centralized brain,...


The NES30 Brings Old-School Control To Mobile Gaming


Let’s face it, for most gamers, the controller never, ever got better than the original NES. Square, solidly built, with a pleasing weight to it, the NES controller is, for many, the defining controller. And now you can use it on your iPad, at least until Nintendo deploys its stable...


Gamevice Puts Hardware Controls On Your iPad Mini


Mobile gaming is becoming more complex as a genre and moving away from the kind of AAA console gaming that requires a controller. Well, for the most part, anyway; some people are looking for a controller for their mobile device, and the Gamevice is built to bring it to your...


The Titanfall Controller Is Something To Behold


Titanfall is one of the most eagerly anticipated games of 2014. And no eagerly anticipated shooter is really complete without a custom controller. Here’s what Titanfall will be offering gamers when it drops this April. A Controller Worthy Of A Mech Thankfully, you will not have to go the full...

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The Wikipad Gamevice Brackets Your Tablet With Controls


Wikipad is one of several companies trying to turn Android gaming into a DS-killer. Whether it will be able to do so is an open question, of course, but in the meantime, that’s not going to stop them from trying to get a controller wrapped around your tablet. Feel The...


Samsung Gamepad Makes Android Controllers First Party


One of the frustrations for gamers using mobile devices is that most mobile games aren’t really designed for touchscreens. They’re designed for controllers, and no amount of touchscreen buttons are going to offer the feedback a controller does. Samsung has decided it can’t leave mobile controllers to third parties… so...

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MOGA’s Ace Power iPhone Controller Is Finally Here


For a long time, playing games on your iPhone involved one of two solutions; sticking with games that only needed the touchscreen to play, or using clumsy “virtual” pads and thumbsticks to get around the game and play it like it was meant to be played. But with Apple putting...


Cross Plane Wants To Play Any Game On The Smaller Screen


Gaming is a couch-based activity, but the problem is that it takes up all of your television. Increasingly, this is a problem, at least if advertising for the Wii U and Nvidia Shield is to be believed. But there is hope, and you can find it on Kickstarter! “Portable” Gaming...

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Image of the Day: The Evolution of the Video Game Controller


You can order this 27″ x 39″ as a print for $29.  Click to enlarge. The complete family tree of video game control schemes–including handhelds, joysticks, paddles, gamepads, and one notable glove–this chart shows how gaming input has evolved from simple knobs to directional pads to touch screens. Including every console...