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Belkin’s Conserve Valet Charging Station Saves Energy & Money


Belkin has announced the Conserve Valet, a charging station that aims to save energy. The Valet falls under Belkin’s Conserve line of energy saving products, and accomplishes a lot in in its small design. It charges four of your USB gadgets at once, and does so while eliminating cable clutter...


HP’s ZR30w LCD Monitor Is Environmentally Sound


At first glance, HP’s new ZR30w 30-inch LCD screen looks nice, but not incredibly impressive, like a million other LCD monitors before it. But there are some specs going on here that are pretty impressive if you’re environmentally conscious. It’s got a low power consumption, and its aluminum-clad chassis is...


Babyliss Eco Hair Dryer


Man, the gadget news is straight boring this week.  Not seeing much today I’ve decided to post on what I passed on yesterday.  The Babyliss Eco Hair Dryer consumes half the energy of your everyday hair dryer helping you do your part when it comes to energy conservation. It has...