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brick machine

Tiger Stone Brick Laying Machine Will Brick Out The World


Once synonymous with roads, then replaced with monotonous and easily ruined cement, bricks might just be making a comeback as the gold standard for inner city roads. The green community is pushing them for their real and varied benefits (easy to produce, they don’t crack from the cold, and the...

Samsung Near Production Of First Flexible AMOLED Display (video)


[GR]nH9iS7-57Zw[/GR] It must’ve been 2008 when I was sitting around contemplating the awesomeness that mass-produced, commonly available flexible displays would be. Kind of like e-book readers, but finally leaving behind the boxy computer model, which would make them about a thousand times better. And now Samsung seems to have a...

Square Credit Card Reader

Square Credit Card Reader For Your Smartphone Is Now Available

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If you sell small goods without a virtual store or even a brick and mortar store, that is, if you own the adult version of an ice-cream truck, peddling goods across large expanses of cityscape, Square’s latest credit card reader will be a God-send and it’s now shipping to customers....


Holograms Draw Nearer To Good Framerates (video)


The first holographic display was MIT’s handiwork, and it dates back from 1989. Much science fiction featuring holograms has been written since then, many episodes of Star Trek have been churned out, and it’s almost time for every hologram-fantasizing nerd to be avenged. University of Arizona researchers managed some time...


Electroadhesion Today, Spiderman Tomorrow (video)


SRI International is a company with a very common name, that’s come up with an uncommon solution that might soon become very common in robots and various appliances performing common tasks. Their electroadhesion technology can probably be applied to just about anything you can imagine, from garbage gathering spiderbots to...


Blackboard iPhone Case (video)

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Okay, you got us.  The Blackboard iPhone case concept, called iBlackboard, is far from practical since whatever is written on the case will most likely get rubbed off when you put it in your pocket, but you gotta give them some props for trying.  The iPhone’s OS includes a Notepad...

Axostic Mouse

Axsotic 3D Mouse Will Change 3D Workflows


The Axsotic 3D Spherical Mouse could be considered more than a 3D mouse, if you consider movement to be an additional dimension to 3D rotation space – but this is more of an issue for physics than 3D artists. Watch the video and witness someone rotating perspective in all directions...


Supersonic Stick Sonar For Blind People


In a bid for giving blind people more freedom of movement and some dolphin-like superpowers, the “Supersonic Stick on the Wrist for Blind People” – as it was dubbed by someone with a love for being exhaustive – is hands down one of the coolest and most useful gadgets anyone...

Fat Burner

CoolSculpting Non-Invasive Body Contour Procedure


Having invasive surgery to get rid of fat instead of using diet and exercise should be frowned upon. But a non-invasive procedure that can attack resilient fat deposits, that’s another thing. Totally cool by anyone’s standards. It’s a fact of life for most people that they don’t have the time,...


MIT’s Portable Solar-Powered Desalination System


I n the Massacusetts Institute of Technology’s idea of the future, there’s a large portable desalination system that will provide 1,000 gallons of water per day to third world villages, at a cost of $8,000 per device. But right now they’re done inventing a smaller, 80 gallon per day version,...