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OSTRICH Head and Hand Pillow


Napping at your desk or on a plane presents a myriad of challenges. While the OSTRICH won’t make your seat any more comfortable it provides the much needed solidarity to catch a few zzzzs in that always uncomfortable position. The conceptual design provides a pillow for your head, pockets for...

Clothespin Light Bulb

Clothespin Light Bulb (video)


Most light bulbs twist and turn into place.  But how about a version that clips?  The Peg uses a clip mechanism, like a clothespin, to hold the light bulb in place and all the while transfers energy to the attached bulb through a set of contacts.  It’s a pretty neat...

Gun Leash

Gun Leash Shoots Your Pup Dead


Do you know any dog owners that wants to be mistaken for shooting their dog dead with a red laser beam?  This conceptual product from the mind of Art Lebedev seems to suggest so.  It’s actually a fun and novel idea, that is until you get gunned down by a...

continuance batteries

Continuance AA Battery Concept Adds USB


AA batteries aren’t going away anytime soon.  You can thank digital cameras, a variety of toys, and Xbox 360 controllers for that.  However, there are probably now more USB powered gadgets than their are standard battery powered toys on the market today.  Making sure you’ve got a back up battery...