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The Osteoid Is The Next Step In Bone Healing


Most of us will break a bone at some point in our lives. No matter how hard our bones are, we’re often willing to push them a little too far. So why not have a fashionable cast that not only looks good, but helps your bones heal? That’s the idea...


The Grass Printer Is An Artistic Robotic Lawnmower


As robots become more tightly integrated into our daily lives, we’re going to use them for goofy pursuits. It’s just a matter of human nature: There is nothing we can’t turn into something that amuses us, especially when we build those things. The Grass Printer is arguably a case in...


Volkswagen’s Dune Beetle Is A Surfer’s Dream


Back before the Volkswagen was a high-end brand selling Golfs to yuppies, they used to be dirt-cheap cars that were easy to modify. As a result, there were a lot of Volkswagen dune buggies puttering across the beaches of America… something that this concept car would like to see again....

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Brighten your Night with Lumi-cord, the New Way to Neon


Calling all fans of EDM, Tron and tech-fashion fans. Lumi-cord is a new, battery-free EL wire alternative that you’d probably like to get your hands on sooner than later. This new luminescent elastic thread was almost stumbled upon by a 3D Printing company while developing long duration photoluminescent materials. If...


Dethleff’s Packs A Movie Theater Into A Camper


We admit that floor models and production concepts are more goofy and fun than anything we take seriously. After all, would you take half the stuff you hear about from auto shows for a test drive? That said, Dethleff’s at least knows how to deliver a goofy idea: They packed...