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Top-Loading Barbell Concept


Being fat sucks.  Any grossly overweight person can tell you that.  Most people cite time as being the major reason while they can’t make it to the gym.  With this Top-Loading Barbell concept from Sun Ho Sin, getting in an out of the gym could be quicker than ever.  Extra...


Pyramid iPhone Table “Horus”


For the tech-centric household comes this creepy Pyramid iPhone Table.  What masonic dreams are made of, it’s also made of ultra-high performance concrete.  Because if my concrete isn’t performing I don’t know what the fuck it’s doing.  Jeeze. Designed by Stephane Thivend, the 132 pound table includes an iPod/iPhone dock...


Gadget Design: aTable


There’s something inherently beautiful about a clutter free desktop.  Embracing that beauty is the aTable.  Using the tables four legs to channel any and all wires, the aTable is great for those that have a ton of room to spare, but might be a little big for those cramped for...


Infinite USB To Effectively Kill Clutter


Here’s a novel idea.  Infinite USB daisy chaining at its finest.  Color coded and brutally simple, this type of cord could be essential to your everyday computer and desktop set-up.  Just how many cords can you connect before the connection starts to waver in terms of gravity and connectivity? Using...


iPhone 4G Concept Pictures And Related Information


While the world waits for coveted information in regards to the next iPhone iteration, concept artists have been busy creating what they think should be the next Apple smart phone.  What you see below are some very polished iPhone 4G renderings. Available in multiple colors and capacities (32 GB and...


Gadget Design: Faceless Watch


Watch design is always a good post.  Today’s cool watch idea comes from Jihun Yeom and uses colored lasers to display the current time.  The red laser denotes minutes and the blue one shows hours.  This would be useful as a pair of goggles too. What do you think?  Tight...


Inflatable Sleeping Coat

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Encompassing form and function, this Inflatable Sleeping Coat Design from Lin Tsui-Wei should be handed out at homeless shelters and missions worldwide.  Constructed using a lightweight waterproof fabric, the detachable bottom portion of the coat fully inflates to form a mini-camping style air mattress. Only a design concept at the...


Gadget Design: Outlet Regulator “Leech Plug”


Coming to us from RISD student Conor Klein, the Leech Plug is a standout innovation in terms of design towards energy conservation.  While common sense would dictate how the Leech Plug would work I’ll break it down anyway. Using a timer circuit along with electromechanics, the plug itself will eject...

Solar Ivy

Gadget Concept: Solar Ivy


In what might soon become a reality, Solar Ivy is an innovative design to help get solar collecting devices into more homes.  Designed by SMIT (Sustainably Minded Interactive Technology), the Solar Ivy is in the running to receive the Pepsi Refresh grant of $50,000 which will help give the technology...

Corky Mouse

Corky: A Self Powered Mouse

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Don’t be fooled by Corky’s soft exterior, this mouse means business, self charging business.  Scrolling, clicking and moving Corky activates its piezoelectric elements generating enough energy to charge itself.  We’ve seen this tech in floors before, but never in a mouse.  Come to think of it a keyboard would be...