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Philips Puts Two Monitors In One

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If you do, well, anything more complicated than sending email on a computer, you probably need all the screen real estate you can get. But a dual-monitor setup can be tough to manage for quite a few of us, because they eat up real estate you need for other materials...


Hewlett Packard Is Building A Completely New Kind Of Computer


Currently, everything on the Internet, including this article you’re reading, is at the mercy of the functioning of data centers. These are enormous ranks of machines, one on top of the other, handling enormous amounts of data and memory. And Hewlett Packard wants you to rip them all out and...


14 Common Computer Terms And What They Mean (list)

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Is the above image confusing? We can’t blame you. When you look on the side of a computer’s box, there’s a lot of technical jargon. And more of us are hazy on the terms than we’d like to admit. So, here’s an overview of common terms and abbrevations you’ll find...


The New Mac Pro Is Out Today! And Really Expensive!


For a long, long, looooooong time, Apple’s professional user base has been waiting for any sort of update to the Mac Pro. For a while, they were Apple’s bread and butter, but then Apple started selling iPads and iPhones by the crate. No more. The Mac Pro is out today…...


Acer’s New Chromebook Is The Overhaul We Want


Yesterday we criticized HP’s new Chromebook because it was little more than a cosmetic upgrade. So Acer following through with a better, cheaper Chromebook really just emphasizes the point. All’s Well That’s Haswell As you may have guessed, this refresh is largely tied to Intel’s updating of its processors to...


Apple Updated Its iMacs Today With Zero Fanfare


The iMac is, despite no longer being the belle of the Apple product ball, still around, still selling, and still getting some attention, albeit less than its flashier, smaller cousins, or the new trashcan on the block. But at least it’s still getting updated. Here’s what Apple has tucked in...


Adorable Mini Mac Brings You Back To The ’80s


The original Macintosh, released in the ’80s, was, at the time, a model of both programming and design. Nobody had ever seen something with such a simple, intuitive interface, or a computer put into such a simple all-in-one package. It’s become an icon of geekery… and recently, one geek decided...


One Of Apple’s First Computers Is On The Auction Block


We all have old computers quietly rusting away and/or leaching toxic chemicals into our basement. And most of them are essentially not worth the minerals they’re made out of. But one computer in particular, primitive though it may be, is worth quite a bit more than usual, because it was...


Samsung ATIV Tab 3 May Be The Thinnest Tablet On The Market


Samsung isn’t well know for their tablets, mostly because, let’s face it, at this point you’ve got to be both amazing and dirt-cheap to draw any attention away from Apple. But fans of skinny electronics might find themselves interested in Samsungs ATIV Tab 3: It’s not only one of the...

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