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Iron Man gauntlet

Iron Man Gauntlet Fires Real Lasers (video)


[GR]oYUCl-xCYaw[/GR] Was his resume deemed unworthy by Stark Industries human resource department? Were his innovations and blueprints stolen by Tony Stark himself? Was he fired for using an iPhone on company grounds knowing full well Tony is obviously an “Android” man? Could this be a way to show Pepper Potts...

comic book netflix movies

17 Comic Book Movies Streaming on Netflix (list)


Comic-Con is currently going down this weekend in San Diego, CA, which is like Mecca for peeps who LOVE comic books, all-things fantasy and Sci-Fi related and games. It’s a weekend where all the geeks and freaks are the normal ones and everybody’s inner super hero (or villain) comes out...

LEGO Avengers

LEGO Avengers Life Sized Movie Props (pics)


The “Avengers” movie has come and definitely doesn’t seem to be going anywhere after netting over $200 million in its opening weekend.  In anticipation of the films release – yes, we’re a bit late on these – Ken Robichaud (other wise known as buriedbybricks on Flickr) created these life sized LEGO Avenger...