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The Fire-Engine Red Nexus 5 Is Here


The Nexus 5 is Google’s flagship smartphone, where they show off the new features of Android, and where they generally make the argument for putting Google in your pocket. And apparently, it’s now bright red. Red-Hot Google, being Google, simply announced the new color with a lack of fanfare; it...


Is The iPhone 5S Coming In Graphite?


We all know that the iPhone 5S, in addition to tasteful white and tasteful black, will come in tacky gold. Sorry, but there’s no way gold isn’t tacky. But it seems that Apple is experimenting with other anodized colors, at least if the latest rumors are anything to go by....


The Custom Xbox One For Microsoft Employees Is Pretty Stylin’


There have been many, many discussions about the Xbox One; it’s dramatic reversals, its Kinect policy, all sorts of discussions. But even the haters have to admit; Microsoft made one attractive console. It’s angular, black, and pretty. But, far be it from Microsoft not to reward the team with an...


SEURA’s Hydra WaterProof Televison

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Featuring Drip Management (something prostitutes need), the 19″ only waterproof TV is available in a wide range of colors and comes with a waterproof remote control.  The TV is flush enough to be able to hide cords behind walls and bathroom tiles.  Go to SEURA’s site for technically impressive info...


Europe To Recieve New DSi Colors This Fall

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People just like these kinds of posts.  Our pink DSi post from February 25th is still getting comments to this day.  On October 23rd, Europeans will have the luxury of choosing some new Nintendo DSi colors.  Those new colors are: Metallic Blue, Light Blue and Red. Each new DSi will...