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free xbox 360

How to Get a Free 4GB Xbox 360 Starting May 20th

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Are you pining for an Xbox 360?  Can’t afford the 200 or so bones that are invovled to make it happen?  Well, good news.  Microsoft, despite parents cries for no more video games before your homework is finished, is offering any college student a 4GB Xbox 360 completely free.  The...

Beer Bong Boob Tube

Boob Beer Bong


Offensive?  Maybe.  But a ton of drunken fun?  You bet your Natty drinking ass it is.  The Boob Tube Beer Bong was probably conjured up by some drunken fraternity brother while hazing the incoming freshmen pledges.  Any guesses on what the male inspired version would be called? Chug it for...


DormVault Laptop Safe Prevents College Dorm Thievery


Listen up all you college dorm dwellers.  If you’ve got a laptop and don’t want your roommate messing with it, spilling beer on it or losing it to the five finger discounter while you’re in class then you probably wanna check out the DormVault Laptop Safe.  Crafted of ‘rugged steel’,...