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Apple Must Have Devices

9 Must Haves Devices For Any Apple Fanboy (list)


Let’s face it, Apple is like a cult. The company sucks you in with all their cool devices and then makes you a devout fan by feeding your need for the latest and greatest device with their on-going model upgrades. Their innovative marketing campaigns are always the coolest around, appealing...

Wocket Wallet

The Wocket Hopes To Replace Your Wallet

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Dr. Seuss’ “There’s a Wocket in My Pocket!” is about to come true! But instead of a little creature, it’s going to be an electronic wallet.  Yup, the age of electronic wallets is officially here. First there was the Coin, now the Wocket by NXT-ID wants to replace all your credit...

The Coin

The Coin Wants To Replace Your Credit Cards (video)


Wish you could eliminate having to carry around your wallet? The Coin wants to do just that! Just one simple card can replace your debit and credit cards, making it super easy to pay for your lifestyle. The Bluetooth-connected Coin is the size of a regular credit card and features...