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black hole coffee table

Black Hole Coffee Table


I have enough trouble with the TV remote disappearing inside the sofa, so imagine what might happen with this spacey black hole coffee table. Created by designer Jon Gilmore, the Nova Black Hole Illuminated Coffee Table features rings of white LED lights that disappear into the core ready to swallow...


Integrated Technology Coffee Table Charges All Your Gadgets


Here’s a great idea I can’t believe didn’t happen sooner. This coffee table, constructed out of white enamel and orange translucent acrylic, features a variety of charging ports for you and your friends that are visiting. There are concealed ports including USB, electrical, and an iPod dock. And it’s got a...

Papervore coffee table

Papervore Shredder Coffee Table


Paper Shredders have long been relegated to the dark corners of the home, but no more thanks to the Papervore coffee table.  The mahogany and oak crank shreds whatever documents you place into the table’s top slit.  It’s made from a single piece of powder coated aluminum that has been...