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Huzi Ping Pong Table Doubles As A Coffee Table


Your significant other wants a coffee table and you want a Ping Pong Table… how to do you meet in the middle? Easy, get the Huzi Ping Pong table that acts as both! But that’s not all since it’s also a chalkboard surface so you can easily doodle notes, lists...

foosball table

Every Man Cave Needs A Foosball Coffee Table


The Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table is so genius that it can be used in either your man cave or living room (that is if you’re a bachelor, cause we highly doubt any lady will want to add this to their decor). Its rich solid hardwoods blend into any...

Ozzio's Magic T100 Convertible Table

Ozzio’s Magic T100 Convertible Table


For those who live in small apartments, space can be very precious. Too much furniture makes a space look way too crowded,  which is where the need for convertible furniture comes in. Enter Ozzio’s Magic T100 Convertible Table that’s actually made to be a space (and life) saver. The versatile and...

NES Controller Coffee Table-2

Nintendo Controller Coffee Table (pics)


Any true gamer still has the original Nintendo in their possession.  That is assuming they were born early enough to acquire one.  The system is without a doubt one of the most iconic and pivotable when it comes to gaming today.  Sure, there were gaming consoles before its time, but...

Drop Desk Coffee Table

Magazine Rack Coffee Table


They might be called coffee tables, but the reality is they’re often stacked high with your monthly dose of unread magazines.  And while it might pay dividends to show your visitors that you’ve got a cerebral side to your good looks, it’s never a good thing when the stack of...

Nes Coffee Table

NES Coffee Table


The Surface Tension Coffee Table was damn cool, but I’m not sure it’s got anything on the NES Coffee Table.  Yup, it’s a life sized, actually over sized NES video game system.  Oh, and stuffed inside the game slot is a gigantic controller, which pretty much brings a whole new...