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Ozobot World's Smallest SMART Robot

Ozobot World’s Smallest SMART Robot Review


I once ran across a really old Popular Mechanics “How to” that described making a robotic “rat” where a roller skate added circuitry and a motor for driving itself across the floor while reading a line drawn on the floor. Looks like the 21st Century finally caught up, because Ozobot...

MagnetRox iPhone Game Redemption Codes


Please leave a comment when you’ve redeemed a code so that other people don’t have to find out they’ve already been used. NAK444RFMF9J MF7MXNWFWHLN 6KWPM63XWJE6 HNTTL9F4J49E FKKM3FXEKEE6 W49LNMNPRLKP EWYEP6R7KTJ9 LN36AWK3M979 YE44NRTXMEH7 LXLKW9JMT33L...