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Funnell Combines A Backpack And A Jacket


If you’re somewhere rainy and you have to commute, you know all too well the annoyance that comes from having to lug both a backpack and your jacket, let alone ensure that your jacket covers your backpack so nothing crucial in your bag gets soaked. But what if you could...

Chainmaille Shoes

Chainmaille Shoes Make It Feel As If You’re Walking Barefoot


If you’re one of those people who prefer going barefoot than wearing shoes all the time will definitely like PaleoBarefoot’s minimalist PRONATIV “shoes” or chainmaille booties, which provide the sensation of walking barefoot without actually going completely barefoot. The sock-like shoes made of chainmaille will protect your feet from rocks...

Stormtrooper lounger

Get Some R&R In The Stormtrooper Lounger


Nothing beats lazy days at home, laying on the couch and catching a Star Wars marathon on TV. Too bad it doesn’t happen everyday because if it did, we’d practically live in the Stormtrooper Lounger ($69.99) from ThinkGeek! Seriously, it’s the perfect outfit to complement a day doing nothing but...


7 Things To Know About The Kairos Smartwatch Hybrid (list/video)

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Smartwatches don’t always have the most atheistically pleasing design, often foregoing traditional watch atheistic for a more “techie” design. Although the technology that’s featured in smartwatches is cool, there’s something about the look of a traditional mechanical watch that’s just timeless. Kairos feels the same way, too, and decided to...

lace anchors

Lace Anchors Make Your Lace-Ups Slip-Ons


The shoelace has stood, unchanged, as a technology for more than a century. And, hell, why not? It works. Materials science may advance, loafers may still be more comfortable, but for ease of use without looking like a dork, the simple shoelace stands above us all. Or did, rather, with...