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Wood Block Shows Times, Temperature and Weather


This isn’t the first time we’ve seen an array of LEDs hidden behind a wood block.  This time around, though, they’ve managed a tad bit more detail, which includes temperature, humidity, date and time; all of which gets displayed thanks to the built-in motion sensor.  The design was devised from...


Know The Weather At A Glance With The Weather Station Mood


One quick ‘take’ of the Weather Station Mood from Oregon Scientific and you’ll know if the forecast calls for cloudiness, partially cloudiness, rain or sun.  The base of the clock changes color accordingly, while displaying the exact temperature and time thanks to the PTB in Brunswick, Germany. Available here for...


Nixie Tube Clock Sure Is Wacky Looking


You can add this clock to the one room in your house dedicated to weird and funky collectibles from around the globe since it’s hailing from Bulgaria. Using 6 Nixie Tubes (never heard of them) the almost ‘store your grandparents ashes here’ piece of furniture displays time, date and includes...