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Twist Alarm Clock

Twist Alarm Clock Wakes You With Math


The best way for me to wake up in the morning is to scroll through my emails.  It engages my brain, gets me reading and reminds me of all the things I need to do.  If email is the last thing you want to look at upon opening your eyes,...

lego-alarm clocks

Giant Lego Star Wars Figurine Alarm Clock

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As we stated many times before there is no end in sight to the Star Wars paraphernalia, even 30+ after the first movie came out.  What we’ve got here are over sized (8-inches) Star Wars Lego figurines with an alarm clock packed inside their chest....


Bang & Olufsen’s BeoTime Alarm Clock Is A Little CooKoo


Bang & Olufsen have long been known for their unconventional approach to product design, but no other product in the company’s history has been as unusual as the BeoTime.  Taking the shape of a flute, it features 3 monochrome displays that can be controlled by a square directional pad.  Function...


iLuv iMM153 iPod Dock Clock With Bed Shaker


For those of you who love pressing snooze for a good hour before rising but wish you had better willpower, enter the iLuv iMM153.  All the normal clock dock functions apply here with the exception of the bed shaker.  The product page doesn’t really divulge how it works exactly so...