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Strobe Hard Drive Clock

The Most Amazing Hard Drive Clock (video)


Holy crap!  This hard drive clock is something out of a sci-fi movie.  Even the short video (placed below) is ‘cut’ to add a certain mystique.  It works using persistence of vision and once it spins up to max speed – I’m guessing 7200 rpm – it displays the time....


Eye Clock Gives You The Googlies 24/7


Based on a design from way back in the 20’s, this rolling Eye Clock is sure to watch your back for you.  Funny enough, the clock runs on one AA battery per eye and is on sale now for $32.  I’m not so sure I’d wanna read time like this...

Trippy Clock With A Man Inside (video)

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[GR]VW5PByaR2EQ[/GR] Watching this video is a smidge unnerving as this poor guy has quite the OCD battle on hid hands.  Clock hands that is!  This unique clock has a circular flat screen inside on a 24 hour loop that portrays the image of a man writing and rewriting the exact...

tiny spy camcorder clock

The Tiny Spy Camera Clock–For the Deeply Insecure


I’m not sure why you’d ever want a tiny spycam built into an equally tiny bedside clock–the less savory application would probably be too impractical as this is a VERY tiny clock–but just in case you’ve got an urge to keep a clock and a camera by your bedside, $47...


Wireless Vibrating Alarm Clock


We’ve all got different sleeping habits and if my girlfriend isn’t the most aware of mine than I don’t know who is.  With that said, I don’t wanna be woken up at 8am when she arises for work, but yes, I inevitably do thanks to her ear blistering cell phone...


Gadgets At A Glance: Retro Flip Down Clock

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What is it: An old school clock that tells the time in the good old fashion way.  Powered by one D battery Features: Every 60 seconds the clock flips. Height adjustable from 35 – 45mm in height. Availability: Here Price: $84 [Redferret]...


Gadgets At A Glance: Tantrum Throwing Alarm Clock

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By: Daniel O What is it: An alarm clock with a difference. When the time is right this clock will throw a tantrum of noises and movements. It’s like having a 4 year old on christmas morning… everyday. Features: Ummm, it moves, it moves some more and, oh yeah it...