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Cliq XT

Motorola Cliq XT Hits T-Mobile For $129.99 After A 2-Year


T-Mobile officially launched the Cliq XT, which is essentially the Cliq without the keyboard.  If you’re so inclined you can grab the MOTOBLUR powered phone for $129.99 after signing 2-years of your life away. Features: Touchscreen 5 megapixel camera 3.5mm headphone jack MOTOBLUR for social networking, etc Proximity sensor WiFi...


T-Mobile Launches Motorola CLIQ, $200 With 2-Year Contract


Motorola’s CLIQ is now available at T-Mobile for $199.99 after a 2-year contract signing or $399.99 if you opt for one of T-Mobile’s Even More Plus plans, which requires no annual contract. Feature wise the CLIQ offers an always on home screen… To continue reading “T-Mobile Launches Motorola CLIQ, $200...

Motorol CLIQ Launch Date And Price For T-Mobile Officially Announced


It’s official, T-Mobile announced pre-order details on their newest Motorola CLIQ. The CLIQ will be available for pre-order to existing customers on October 19 through November 1. The day after on November 2nd, it’ll be available online and through retail stores to the general public. The price? Expect it to...


Release Date Announced For The Motorola Cliq


All right, folks, if you’ve been waiting anxiously to get your hands on the Motorola Cliq, you should be happy to know that they’re looking to start taking orders October 19th. Seems the company actually released this date in a brochure, which was then photographed and began making the rounds. ...