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RoboCop Gets A Workout In A New Clip (video)


There are few movies that better define the ’80s, or rather ’80s excess, better than RoboCop. And, as such, everybody’s been wondering just how the action will come together. Hence, this new clip. RoboCop Versus RoboCops The clip is a set-up for a field test. Alex Murphy, with his new...


Aviiq Ready Clips


So there you are.  Minding your own business when you realize that your smartphone’s battery is about to kick the bucket.  Needless to say you should have charged it last night.  And if you’re not smart enough, or perhaps in this case clairvoyant enough to realize you should have charged...

Ballistic HC - 4

Ballistic HC iPhone 4 Case Review


Talk about a beast!  This case has got to be the most heavy duty accessory I’ve ever seen for any cell phone ever.  Featuring 3 separate pieces, this case has you covered when you might need it most. Suitable for such scenarios such as Iraq or the construction site, the...