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squeegee 2

Somebody Finally Put A Vacuum In A Squeegee


If you’ve ever had to clean windows, you know what an aggravation that particular “beloved” chore happens to be. It’s messy, it’s easy to get streaks everywhere even if you’re the fussiest person possible, and it’s generally an unpleasant task you wish they’d just invent a robot for already. And...

Dyson DC35 Review

Dyson DC35 Multi-floor Vacuum Review


In most, if not all instances I’d probably shove my nose at the opportunity to review a vacuum.  But Dyson, needless to say, isn’t your ordinary vacuum company.  Unlike Oreck, and other companies of the same ilk, Dyson has managed to curate a product that is both heavy on utility,...


Dyson DC41 Review


I’ve reviewed plenty of Dyson products in the past, from the Air Multiplier, to the Hot, and then the Dyson DC39 Ball.  While all of these products were exceptional, they all slightly missed the mark of perfection.  So will the DC41 be any different?  Will it finally be the perfect...

Blind Shutter Vacuum

Blind Shutter Vacuum


So most of you this product will appear to be complete gimmick and useless.  But live in a home, any home any where, with blinds, especially horizontal ones, and you’ll see how just how much dust your blinds collects.   As to whether or not the Blind Shutter Vacuum attachment...


Clean Your Keyboard With Cyber Goo


Ya, that’s right, goo.  If you’re thinking ewww, well, so am I.  Ok, I’ll be honest, I don’t know if it’s goo per se, but based on the pic the Cyber Clean looks like a piece of Playdo.  Apparently, its malleable form will get into those keyboard crevices never reached...