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Flip Camcorders Are Dead, Long Live The Smartphone


Say goodbye to Cisco’s line of Flip Camcorders.  Yesterday, the company announced that they would discontinue the production of their handy, pocket sized camcorders.  Their official statement is that  they “will exit aspects of its consumer businesses and realign the remaining consumer business to support four of its five key...


Cisco’s Cius Tablet Is For Business Professionals


Well, here’s an interesting strategy — Cisco’s coming out with a seven-inch Android tablet, but they’re not trying to compete with the iPad with it. No, the Cius is business-oriented, and its biggest draw is 30fps, 720p video conferencing with a front facing camera in addition to a back facing...

Flip HD Slide Camcorder

Gadget Leak: Flip Slide HD Camcorder


Thanks to a tipster, we now know that Cisco is set to release a new Flip called the Slide HD.  Based on the pics alone it appears to include a similar form factor as previous Flips, but when rotated to a landscape mode can be slid open.  What lies beneath...

FlipShare TV

FlipShare TV Wirelessly Beams Flip Movies To Your TV


Looks like we were spot on when it came to the leaked info and pics of the FlipShare TV.  As we assumed it won’t need to connect to your home’s Internet connection.  Instead it will utilize its own wireless 802.11n USB dongle to transmit your Flip camcorder movies from your...