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Cigarette Magnet

Cigarette Magnets Might Just Trick The Most Unsuspecting

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Maybe it’s something you despise or perhaps you’re just looking to add a touch of humor to your kitchen.  Either way these fridge magnets, which look like burned out cigarette butts, sometimes called “shorties”, are hilariously brilliant....

Ionic Smokeless Ashtray

Ionic Smokeless Ashtray Kills Dirty Butt Smell


Smoking is not, I repeat not healthy.  But, alas that won’t stop those who already smoke from sucking down the dangerous fumes.  But with that said, and if you’re a smoker, and smoke inside, don’t subject your friends and loved ones to the noxious toxins. The Ionic Smokeless Ashtray sucks...


Cigarette Shaped Butane Lighter


I don’t smoke, but when I did (back in high school to be cool) I’d always be fumbling through my pockets in search of a lighter.  Then I saw what the other cooler smoking kids were doing, which was placing the lighter directly in the cigarette pack.  A bit unpractical...