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Get Comfy With The Snore-ca Sleeping Bag


Get comfy anywhere you go with the unique PatchTogether Snore-ca Sleeping Bag that’s shaped like an Orca whale. From the creators of the Chumbuddy,  this sleeping bag is great for sleepovers at friends’ houses or when you’re out camping in the woods! You’ll be able to pretend you’re a trainer at...


Chumbuddy Shark Sleeping Bag Now Available at ThinkGeek for $200

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If Shark Week didn’t scare the crap out of your kid, and thus teach them to never set toe in shark infested waters, this sleeping bag surely will.   Or it will have the complete opposite effect, nullifying any fear of those razor sharp teethed underwater animals. The Chumbuddy Sleeping...


ChumBuddy Eats You While You Sleep


Designer Kendra Phillips turns shark advocate this week and churns out the ChumBuddy, a 7 foot plush shark that won’t churn you into chum unless you happen to have a nightmare about it while sleeping in its belly. That’s right, the ChumBuddy is a shark-shaped sleeping bag, 100% hand-sewn, which...