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How To Unlock Your Chromebook With Your Smartphone

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Chromebooks are incredibly useful little tools. They’re cheap, they can generally do everything you need to get done on the Internet, and they’re connected to your Google account, which you probably use for a lot of things anyway. They also happen to be a test bed for Google’s new features,...


HP Chromebook 14 only $180, Watch Dogs 20% Off After Release

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I wouldn’t try to play Watch Dogs on an HP Chromebook. Heh, the performance might not be up to par. But both are really hot deals today. If you need a straightforward laptop for Internet browsing, word processing, and the other basics? A Chromebook might meet your needs. Today we...


Acer’s New Chromebook Has A Touchscreen For Just $300

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As part of Google’s ongoing campaign to work its way into your life, it’s been trying to make hardware as cheap as possible. And Acer’s new Chromebook is definitely tempting, with a laptop and touchscreen for the cost of a tablet. Poke It To Make It Work OK, so maybe...


HP Chromebook 11 Launches [Update: $265 at]


The almost 0.7-inch thick HP Chromebook 11 (with the big note “Made with Google”) is now available for purchase directly from HP, Amazon, Best Buy, and the Google Play store (with more color options than other retailers). MSRP for the HP Chromebook 11 is $279.99 and depending on the retailer you’ll...


Google Fest: $130 ChromeBook + Nexus 7 (2nd Gen) for $200


If you need a cheap Internet surfing laptop, here it is. Acer’s eBay page today is featuring a refurbished Chromebook for only $130 with free shipping. That’s cheaper than most tablets, yet you’re getting a keyboard and a 320GB hard drive to boot. In new condition, this model would run...