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Chocolate Grenade

Chocolate Grenade


Any holiday throws a virtual bomb into your diet.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are probably the biggest of the offenders.  Eating is generally speaking a bigger part of the holidays then the gift giving.  Of course, part of the gift giving is giving food items or confectioner’s treats, such as this...


Gadget Leak: Another LG Chocolate Phone Emerges, LG BL42

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While everyone has been eagerly anticipating the arrival the LG BL40, the newest and hippest in the Chocolate series, a smaller less feature heavy handset has emerged from the company. The BL42, which is much more of the same ilk as previous Chocolate phones features a touch sensitive directional pad...


LG Chocolate 4 Teaser Pics Surface

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LG is pretty mum on the details when it comes to their latest Chocolate handset, but our friends at Electricpig have managed to score some sneak preview shots.  They official unveiling of the phone will go down in August and I’m willing to wager it is a full touchscreen phone...


ChocoShuffle Case Is Sweet Serenity For 3rd Gen Shuffle


It’s pretty obvious that Apple’s latest Shuffle isn’t full of flavor and flare.  So, sweeten it up a bit with SwitchEasy’s ChocoShuffle case.  It reminds me of the fridge magnets from my childhood that I always wanted to pop in my mouth.  They’re available in Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate and...