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Travel Honey Car Finder: For Before Your DUI


I have a buddy that called into work one day saying that he couldn’t make it due to the fact the he was so drunk the previous night that he couldn’t locate his car.  The Travel Honey could have saved him from bag session I would give him later.  All...


ChinaVision BreakDancing RC Car (video)


Chinavision really has no shortage of wacky products and this BreakDancing Remote Controlled Stunt Car is a shroomers best friend.  The best way to describe this car is to tell you to watch the attached video.  It is so flexible and tripped out that I am drooling just to drive...

multiplatform_game handheld

Multi Platform Portable Gaming HandHeld Looks Cheap And Cool


While looking positively Nintendo retro, this cheap handheld ($86) should fulfill all your classic gaming needs. Capable of ROM emulating NES, SNES, GBA, Neo-Geo, Sega Genesis, Capcom, as well as running WMVs, AVIs, MPEGs and MP3's. Made by the all encompassing lead free Chinavison, this gaming device sports...