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ChinavisonSolar Charger

20,000 mAh Solar Battery Makes The Sun Your Bitch


Chinavison once again never fails to impress with their new 20,000 mAh Solar Battery.  The huge array of solar cells will be much more effective in trapping rays and may not actually take forever like virtually every other solar charger I’ve tried. The charger comes packed with 29 unique adapter...


WaterProof BlueTooth Speaker By ChinaVision


Who are these master merchants at ChinaVision?  They just seem to have their finger on the pulse of everything that is moderately cool and cheap.  Today’s product is a waterproof bluetooth floating speaker orb thing reminiscent of the Star Wars training ball.  With a range of up to 30 feet,...


Chinavision Projector Phone Already for Sale


With the announcements of the Toshiba Pico Projector and the 3M MPro110, the cell phone projector market is heating up. Neither of the aforementioned are out yet, but the Chinavision Tri-Band GSM/GPRS touch screen Cell Phone is. It’s not as pretty as the Pico and MPro110, but it gets the...