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China Gets Air With Its First Jetpack Flight


The jetpack is still largely a matter of fiction for most of us. But not to the Chinese, or at least they’re getting demonstrations. And they’re a pretty cool demonstration of jetpack technology. Fly Away Demonstrated by jetpack professional Nick Macomber, China’s first jetpack flight is pretty impressive. Macomber flew...


iPhone 5 Linked to a Woman’s Death in China


Careful.  Charging your iPhone 5 could kill you.  Or at least that is what happened to a 23 year old Chinese woman of  the country’s western Xinjiang region. Ma Ailun, a a flight attendant with China Southern Airlines, was reportedly electrocuted after answering a call on her iPhone 5 while it was plugged...

dual sim samsung S4

Dual-SIM Samsung S4 Emerges in China


I had no idea that Samsung had plans for a dual SIM variant of their S4.  Either that makes me incredibly remiss as a supposed tech journalist, or this info wasn’t well publicized – I’d go with the former. Dual-SIM phones are something of an obscurity here in the US,...

Delicacy In China

“Virgin Boy Eggs” Cooked In Urine a Delicacy In China (odd)


Spring is officially here and in Dongyang, China, it’s time for a highly anticipated spring delicacy that’s called “Virgin Boy Eggs.” The unique, springtime snack that’s favored by local residents combines eggs with one key ingredient: buckets of boys’ urine that are collected from primary school toilets in the area....

Lenovo U1 Tablet

Lenovo U1 Vastly Different, Hopeless US Product?


The expectation at any trade show is for company representatives to evangelize their products. As far as they’re concerned, they are promoting world peace, an end to world hunger, a cure for cancer, the second coming of Jesus…all wrapped in one tiny package. So it’s worth noting when one of...

N933 Flip Phone

Crap Phone From China With A Star Trek Flip Keypad


There is no shortage of crap phones on the market and the N933 is no exception.  Though it does have one interesting feature: a keypad that flips Star Trek communicator style over what appears to be an antiquated 3-inch touchscreen.  And yes, those are iPhone like apps, at least as...

LED Light Fingers

LED Light Fingers Are Crazy, But Expensive Looking Fun


The practical applications of the LED laser fingers are beyond me as of present, but for those who are attending a rave or Halloween party they’ll surely be the center of attention wearing these.  Each pack comes with 4 different colors (red, white, blue, green) and includes a ring for...

iPhone China

iPhone Officially On Sale In China, Lacks WiFi


The iPhone officially went on sale yesterday from China’s Unicom.  While they lacked the same frenzied fans as the US – that was during the initial Gen 1 launch – a few lines did form leaving queued customers in the rain for up to 7 hours.  The first owner of...