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Paper Jamz: Just Another Non-Instrument For The Untalented Massess


At one inch thick, Paper Jamz guitars from Wowwee don’t have any actual strings.  They use an innovative and proprietary that allows you to strum the non-existent strings to produce one of three pre-loaded licensed tracks.  Each of the available 6 guitars will have 3 modes of play:  Perfect Play...

RITMO Baby Speaker

RITMO Womb Speaker, Expectant Moms Need Only Apply


They’ve long said that playing classical music to a baby while in gestation will result in a smarter human.  Getting the sound in there can be a bit of a challenge.  Sure, you can sit next to a speaker, but there’s no guarantees that you’ll penetrate the embryonic fluid, not...

child tracker

Track Your Children’s Movements: The ET3500 Tracking Bracelet


Remember how yesterday we were talking about tracking your children with a simple USB device from Insignia?  Well, apparently, the child tracker phenomenon is really taking off because another device has stepped up to challenge, the ET3500 GPS Tracking Bracelet. It’s a bracelet that attaches to a child’s wrist–or anyone...