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Kitchen Table Tennis

Play Table Tennis In Your Kitchen


As kids you’re always discouraged to play in the house, but the Kitchen Table Tennis set is designed to allow  you and your family to have a bit of fun on your kitchen table or island. The table unfolds and can be set up onto any flat surface, measuring 84″ L...

Internet Chess Table

A Chess Table Connected To The Internet (video)


Internet chess has been around well before the turn of the century, but a physical Internet chess table, now we’re talking.  The DIY project incorporates a low cost projector and webcam.  The webcam recognizes your moves (where you’ve placed your players) and sends them to the opponent’s compatible table via...


Super Mario Collector’s Edition Chess Set

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Die hard Super Mario fans can now play with their favorite characters in a heated battle of chess.  I don’t care much for their ‘classic poses’, but I certainly can appreciate their hand painted finish.  The set includes 32 figurines including Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Toad, 1-up mushroom, Bowser,...