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Wii PowerV QUAD Inductive Charging

Wii PowerV QUAD Inductive Charging and Storage Dock


While I don’t think it’s as cool looking as the Xbox 360 Power Pyramid Charger, the Wii PowerV QUAD Inductive Charging and Storage Dock is at the very least an affordable and reaonsably attractive charging stand for your Wiimotes.  For $50 you get the stand and four 800mAh batteries that...

SP-6000" Laptop Solar Charger Power Bank Systems

Muzatch SP 6000 Solar Laptop Charger


I’m not totally sold on all this consumer grade solar charging stuff.  I just takes too damn long for me to really care at this point.  Looking forward however, comes the Muzatch SP 6000 Solar Laptop Charger.  Jamming a massive 12,000mAh battery into an eye catching package, the Muzatch SP...


The CVFR-S09 Solar Vest Will Require You To Tuck In Your Rat Tail To Fully Charge


Ugh.  This thing is lame looking.  While Tommy Hilfiger might have been the first designer to boldly display his name on his clothing, this Solar Vest might as well be the last.  Perhaps if I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name this Solar Vest’s visual flair...


Gadget Design: Battery Charging And Organizing Tower


A finalist at the Greener Gadgets Design Competition, this battery tower looks to be pretty convenient.  The main problem with conventional battery chargers is that they often take up valuable outlet space.  This design incorporates a much smaller downward plug that will free up much need outlets for other appliances....

Bahem Storage System

The Bahem Clutter Free Storage Table From HotSnow


My roommate absolutely loathes clutter with an undying eternal passion.  To help him with that constant anxiety is the Bahem (sounds like a clear your throat noise, probably intended) Clutter Free Storage Table from HotSnow. Looking an sounding like an IKEA product, the Bahem effectively “pseudo”  hides everything but the...


Powermat Expands Line, Drops Cases, Intros Battery Receivers And Car Solution


You’d think Powermat has had enough.  Afterall they’re the first major inductive/wireless charging solution on the market with massive distrubution – they’ve sold 750,000 units since launch.  But nope, they’ve got an insatiable appetite for success.  Today the company announced a slew of new products that has everybody, including iPhone...

IDAPT - i4 White - 3 Devices

iDapt Charging Stands Aren’t Wireless But Should Eliminate The Clutter


Powermat’s hold on the wireless charging market isn’t about to get unseated anytime soon, but if that option proves too expensive, or perhaps a tad too snazzy then there is always iDapt, a poor man’s Powermat…sort of.  Actually, it has little in common with Powermat except that it uses a...


PowerPad: PowerMat’s Arch Enemy


Last week Powermat finally went retail with their wireless charging offering, and within a few days yet another contender has emerged on the market.  From the folks at Gear4 comes the PowerPad.  It’s not clear if it too uses inductive charging, or takes a similar route to that of the...

Wildcharge Pad and Skin Review - 09

WildCharge Pad & iPhone Skin Review


The dreams of Telsa have yet to be fully realized, but that hasn’t stopped a many of a company from releasing products that lay claim to ‘wireless or wire-free charging’.  But alas, until that day is upon us we’ll have to settle with a variation there of, such as the...

Powermat - 01

Powermat Hands On – A Ton Of Pics And Video (video)


We just got our hands on the Powermat!  The packaging is very polished and the Powermat kit includes a unverisal adapter for all your products as well as a carrying case.  Unfortunately, they didn’t send over an iPhone compatible skin, but did manage include two Blackberry receivers, which replace the...


iPhone Wireless Charging Has Arrived By Way Of WildCharge


While we anxiously await Powermat‘s offering and Apple to embed a solution directly into the iPhone, Wildcharge has officially announced the availability of their wireless charging solution for iPods and iPhones.  Much like Powermat, a ‘skin’ containing the necessary components is attached to the iPhone and when placed onto a...