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Tesla Tripling Its Supercharger Stations

Tesla Tripling Its Supercharger Stations


Tesla has announced that it plans to triple the number of supercharger stations it currently has to expand all the way from Los Angeles to New York. Drivers will now have convenient locations across the nation to charges their Tesla rides. According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the expansion will...

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Belkin’s Conserve Valet Charging Station Saves Energy & Money


Belkin has announced the Conserve Valet, a charging station that aims to save energy. The Valet falls under Belkin’s Conserve line of energy saving products, and accomplishes a lot in in its small design. It charges four of your USB gadgets at once, and does so while eliminating cable clutter...

Griffin PowerDock 4 1

Gadget Review: Griffin Power Dock 4 For iPhone/iPod


It's often more than likely that American families and households have more that one Apple product. I myself have an iPhone and an iPod Classic. The Griffin PowerDock 4 for iPhones & iPods is an awesome choice for any family or bunch of roommates that wants to have...

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