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Poseidon Portable Charger Is Built Tough


Even adventure seekers and rugged enthusiasts need to keep their phones, cameras, GoPros and the like charged when out and Dark Energy’s Poseidon is the only compact portable charge up for the challenge. The military-grade and waterproof mobile batter is ultra-compact and high capacity, ready to charge anything and everything you need...


Zolt Is The World’s Smartest, Lightest and Smartest Laptop Charger


When you’re on the go, the last thing you want is for any of your devices to run out of juice. When your office is the local coffee shop, the subway, bus or a friend’s pad, you’re not always plugged in. This means your laptop’s battery continues to die, as well...

XOO Belt

XOO Belt Will Hold Up Your Pants And Charge Your Phone (video)


Battery life is a problem we all have and unless you carry around your phone’s charging cord or an external juice pack with you, sometimes you’re left in the cold with no smartphone or tablet once its juice runs out. The XOO Belt is a simple solution that wants to...

petalite flux

Charge All Your Devices In Just 15 Minutes


Waiting forever for your phone to charge can be a drag, especially when you don’t have a lot of time and need your phone to bet as much juice as possible. What if you can charge your stuff in just 15 minutes? That would be mazing, right? Well the people...

3-In-1 Hand-Warming Phone Charger

3-In-1 Hand-Warming Phone Charger Is Perfect For Traveling This Winter


We don’t know about you, but we love when devices can do more than one thing! It mean’s we’re getting more for our buck and that’s exactly what you get when you purchase the 3-In-1 Hand-Warming Phone Charger! If you travel a lot, especially to colder places, this nifty device will...


Charge Your Smartphone In Just Five Minutes With Zap&Go

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No one has time to wait around while their smartphone charges (unless it’s while they sleep). The people at Zap&Go understood this problem and creates a 5 minute charger! As the first supercapacitor-based charger, you can easily have a fully juiced smartphone in no time, which is especially helpful when you’re traveling...


Fuel + Mobile Rechargeable Battery 9000mAH Review


Battery chargers have become a necessity of modern life — thank the ubiquitousness of cell phones and their fast discharge of battery power for that. Carrying a charging cable around may reduces the bulk of a wall plug, but it relies on the certainty that there will be a charging...

Swich Wireless Charger

Style Meets Function With The Swich Wireless Charger


Chargers aren’t always the greatest things to look at. Given, their function is to charger your phone so that you don’t run out of battery life with what’s practically your lifeline (aka phone), but wouldn’t it be nice to actually have one that you’d be proud to sport on your...

gokey copy

The GOkey Is The Ultimate Keychain Companion, Will Charge Your Phone, Find Your Keys and More


Many of us have random, useless crap on our keychains like souvenirs from vacations, pictures of our kids (or pets) and other random things. But the new GOkey campaign on Indiegogo is anything but useless – the ultimate keychain features a myriad of useful devices like a phone charger, synching...


ChargeAll Is A Portable Wall Charger Alternative For All Your Devices


At GadgetReview, we’ve covered a number of portable chargers and battery packs, but today, we’re going to share with you a new product, which takes the portable charging to a whole new level. The device we are talking about is known as ChargeAll, a device which cannot only charge mobiles...


TowlHub Chargers Your Phone In The Kitchen, Doubles As A Towel Holder

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The kitchen is a scare place to find open electrical outlets. I blame it on all the appliances I use like toasters, blenders, coffeemakers, and other kitchen gadgets that need to be plugged in. The TowlHub ($50) is the perfect way to add more plugs for your gadgets since it...