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A Chair That Converts To A Table…Or Something


Live in NYC?  Then you probably live in a shoebox and store all your pots and pans in the oven, amongst other things that you do or don’t know about.  Save a little more space, or perhaps a little more seating with the HC Andersen lounge chair that folds down...


Gadget Review: Lumisource Boomchair Shark Gaming Chair


It’s pretty funny to see people’s reactions when they come face to face with the LumiSource Boomchair Shark gaming chair. Non-gamers immediately exclaim, “Wow, is that some sort of fancy schmancy massage chair!?”; gamers mutter in envious disdain, “You geek, I can’t believe you actually spent money on THAT! Can...


Daybed: A Laptop Chair That Won’t Wreck Your Back


Merging James Bond elegance and the similar stylings of the Herman Miller Embody chair, the Daybed from Mauelsaez is designed to provide an ultra comfortable working environment with a touch of opulence.  It looks like Humanscale commissioned the design so you might be able to track it down in a...