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RCA Airnergy Turns Wi-Fi Signal Into Battery Power

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Coming soon, or so the current word goes, is one of the most frighteningly preposterous gadget chargers I’ve seen in some time–it’s no solar power device.  No wind generator, no magnet, nor even Tesla coil.  It isn’t even a lightning rod. No, today I’m talking about the Airnergy, a device...


CES 2010 Useless Product Number 1: V-Screen


CES 2010 was chalk full of lame ass products and this weird fish eye screen was just one of them.  The display they had going was the V-Screen on top of a regular screen showing just how useless this product is.  I think they are trying to make some type...


Pocket Radar Accurately Gauges How Fast Women Walk Away From You


In what we’ve likely never seen before, this little pocket radar will help you do a lot of things.  I just don’t know what.  From gauging the speed of snowballs and such, I’m sure there’s some Mythbusters style mischief you could get into with this thing. Perhaps police on horses...