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Droid Turbo Verizon

Droid Turbo Officially Announced for Verizon


Motorola and Verizon have announced the latest Droid smartphone, the Droid Turbo, which will replace last year’s Droid Ultra. The Droid Turbo’s biggest selling point is its mega battery, which is 3,900mAh and will last you for 48 hours of use between charges, according to Verizon. But that’s not the...


Verizon’s Femtocells Can Be Used To Spy On You


Femtocells are fairly innocuous: You might have seen one and not even realized what it was. It’s essentially a tiny cell tower, used by cellular providers to offer better service for indoor locations that might otherwise block your signal. Unfortunately, Verizon’s femtocells can also apparently offer new methods of spying...

photo booth fish bowls

Old Phone Booths Turned Into Aquariums


As cellphone take over, payphones are becoming a thing of the past. Many are disappearing from the streets in many cities around the globe. But a Japanese art collective Kingyobu decided to create some art from old payphone booths and have turned Osaka’s disused booths into giant and fully functional...


30 of the Best iOS 5 Features (list)


Tomorrow, Apple will unveil the next iPhone, presumably the iPhone 4GS or iPhone 5.  Not only will it be faster and have an upgraded camera, but it will be powered by iOS 5.  Here are the top 30 new and improved features that users are going to love. 1. Wireless...

Gorilla Glass, Hard To Break Intentionally


[GR]XyFbA7-JgGw[/GR] Low key as it may be in the world of consumer tech, the glass we use in any of our gadgets isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, we’ll be using more and more, especially with the proliferation of touchscreen technology. Yet glass as a surface is surprisingly easy...

Blackberry Watch inPulse

inPulse: The Blackberry Watch


Whoa doggy!  I never thought RIM would seep to this level of gimmick, but low and behold they have.  Okay, maybe that’s a bit unfair, but at first glance you do have to question the sanity of a Blackberry Watch. Rumored to be called the inPulse Smartwatch (get it, the...