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Apple iPhone Patent

Apple Finally Gets Design Patent For iPhone 3G, 3GS


Hot on the heels of the leaked redesign for the iPhone 4G, Apple’s gotten a legal lock on the design of its predecessor. USPTO patent number D615083 protects Apple’s “ornamental design” for the 3G and 3Gs. Which means that the multitude of iPhone ripoffs, primarily the stuff Meizu puts out,...

Citizen Bluetooth Watches

Citizen Bluetooth Watches Are For Japanese Wrists Only


Citizen’s latest Bluetooth watches are both cool and frustrating.  Why the odd combo you ask?  Well, cool because you can control a wide variety of options on your phone right from your watch.  Frustrating because they’re only designed to work with a select set of phones from Japanese carrier Softbank....

vodafone android handset

Vodafone’s First Android Handset Is For The Budget-minded


With all these super fancy smartphones leaking every day (like the one made of glass…I mean really, it’s crazy), we need something to cool our jets a little, and Vodafone has just the thing. The Vodafone 845 is the company’s first handset with Google’s open source OS. It features a...

Motorola Mt820

Gadget Leak: Motorola MT820 Smartphone


Ooh, spy camera shoots of upcoming products. So secretive…so sexy. The Chinese market Motorola MT820 is the latest, and while there’s only a few things we can gather from these images, it certainly is pretty to look at. We know that the MT820 is an Android phone with a flip...

blackberry OS 6

Blackberry 6.0 OS Officially Unveiled, Shown Off In Video (video)


RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry 6 OS is so popular, the thing has its own teaser trailer. But thanks to the magic of YouTube’s pause button, there’s some new details we can gather from the funktastic video. The new music organizer offers an interface quite similar to the iPhone’s, the mail apps...

Nokia M8

Nokia M8 Smartphone Now Official


Yesterday, we divulged a few specs of Nokia’s upcoming M8 smartphone, but now we have the official press release to give you all the juicy details. One of the 3.5-inch touchscreen device’s biggest features is a 12MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics, Xenon flash, and a sensor that rivals those...

Nokia N8

More Images Of Nokia’s N8 Leak


A preview of Nokia’s N8 touchscreen tablet chock full of images hit the internet tubes recently from a Russian tech site, and while the previewer didn’t exactly like the thing, I’ll reserve judgements until its release. The N8 features a multi-touch display, HDMI out, GPS, and a 12MP camera w/...