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The Light Phone Is A Small, Powerful Little Phone


One of the biggest changes we’ve made over the last decade is putting a computer in our pockets that keeps us constantly connected. Real notification junkies are constantly dinging, vibrating, growling, you name it. It’s great for when you need to be connected, but not so great when you’re trying...

zens qi charger

The ZENS Qi Car Charger Is Cord-Free And Worry-Free


There’s no shortage of devices that will charge your phone while you drive. Heck, there are plenty of cars that come with USB ports so you can just plug it in and charge it up off the alternator. ZENS, though, takes it one step further by taking the cord out...


The FCC May Finally Make Carriers Unlock Your Phone


Phones should not be locked to any network. The fact that they are is absurd in the first place; the fact that these network locks actually have the force of law is insane. But the law might be rewritten, if the FCC’s new chairman has his way. Phone Jail Currently,...


KnowRoaming Stops Roaming Charges With A Sticker

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Roaming charges are among the biggest pains in the neck of international travel. Heaven forbid we just use our phones on a compatible network owned by the same megaconglomerate that owns our network elsewhere. Noooooo, they have to charge us through the nose to make a phone call. Which is...


Microsoft Wants HTC’s Android Phones To Also Carry Windows Phone


Windows Phone is struggling to achieve market share in the cutthroat, highly competitive world of mobile operating systems. Well, OK, “competitive” is the wrong word when Apple and Google control most of the market. But Microsoft is looking for any advantage… including getting HTC to start making dual-boot phones. Two...


DuPont Wants To Turn Your Countertop Into A Wireless Charger

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Ah, wireless charging. It’s one of the key ideas in keeping your phone charged, along with better batteries, capacitors, and the like. But the problem really boils down, right now, to this; you need to have some form of inductive field generator (i.e. a Powermat) in your house, and you...


DryBox Saves Your Wet Phone In 25 Minutes


If your phone gets soaked, you’ve got problems. Everybody’s heard the trick about packing it in rice, but the truth is that’s a stopgap at best: As the rice pulls the water out, it tends to leach starch into your phone, which isn’t much better. So, is there a solution...


Motorola X Phone Spotted on FCC Filing


Acquired to the tune of $12.5 billion! That’s what search engine and Android OS giant Google paid so Motorola could be called their very own. Yet that was two long years ago–a lifetime in this industry. Ever since, the tech scene has been abuzz with speculations on how Google might...

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Blackberry Q5 Announced w/ QWERTY & Premium Features


Blackberry may be on the ropes but that’s not stopping the former business class mobile company for committing to several new mobile devices. Remember the Z10 and Q10 announced earlier this year? We reported on each with a lengthy writing of the Z10 feature set. Well now Blackberry is launching...

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Rumor Mill: Samsung Galaxy S Mini Lives (pics)


Both HTC and Samsung have been enjoying much due praise and adulation of late, over their newest mobile devices. The Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One are among two of the most impressive smartphones on the market today. You can sink your virtual teeth into our HTC One review...