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Feline Bridge Will Turn Your Cat Into Indiana Jones


Cat’s are always adventurous – leaping from trees, stairs and anything else they climb. Well this novelty Indiana Jones-inspired cat bridge will turn your feline into one of Hollywood’s favorite characters (hat and whip not included). Your cat will be able to race across solid-pine bridge as it tries to...


The CATable Combines The Desk And The Kitty Gym


If you own a computer, and a cat, and do anything on your computer, you know all too well that the keyboard is the cat’s natural enemy. The CATable tries to do something about that by making your desk a kitty-friendly space. Desk And Cat Habitrail As a desk, it’s...

Cat Library

Cat Library Is The Cats Meow


Cats and shelves go hand-in-hand.  Or should we say paw-in-paw.  Because of their skittish nature cats prefer to be perched as high as possible.  Since homes generally lack trees, the Cat Library should make for a nice resolve. The shelving system is modular so you can move the shelves around...

Facial Recognition Cat Door

Face Recognition Cat Door


Believe it or not, Cats are of the giving type.  Wake up on any given weekend and you’ll be sure to find a dead mouse or some other small critter waiting for you in the kitchen.  Gross, I know. ...

Cat Loca8tor

LoJack For Your Kitty

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Crazy cat ladies have a six sense as to the location of their beasts at all times.  But for you newbies who just adopted their first feline you’ll probably experience a heart palpitation or two when you can’t find your new furry friend.  The cat Loc8tor included a small homing...

Auto Cat Feeder

Internet-Enabled Auto Cat Feeder (video)

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If you’re of the cat obsessed ilk than you’ll surely dig this device: the Internet-enabled Cat Feeder.  The name pretty much says it all, but what kind of post would that be if I didn’t provide some additional details. Created by inventor Mathew Newton, this device has a web interface...


Litterworks’ Automatic Litter Box Cuts Down A Tough Job


If you’ve got cats, then you know what the worst thing about having them is.  Namely, it’s their litterboxes.  Cats are pooping in your house, and you’re left to clean it up. Did we lose a war? Yes, I know, once again, Simpsons did it first.  But you can now...